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Vista Research Group: Measuring Treatment Outcomes
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Measuring Outcomes


Vista Research Group’s innovative patient monitoring and outcomes research helps your patients get better faster during treatment and generates the independent success rate data prospective payers are asking for. Vista offers two interrelated products: 

INSIGHT Addiction™ monitors your patients for co-occurring disorders, suicidal thoughts, self-harming behaviors, cravings, and satisfaction with treatment, and reports the results to your clinicians and management in real time in easy-to-understand graphs:

Depression Symptoms graph


By automating the process of collecting and reporting patient data, INSIGHT Addiction™ minimizes staff involvement and makes it easy for your program to comply with the Joint Commission’s new patient-reported outcome measures standard.

RECOVERY 20/20™ follows up with your patients one month, six months and twelve months after they leave treatment to learn how successful they’ve been at remaining clean and sober as well as the impact treatment has had on their quality of life. The results are summarized in both a comprehensive Treatment Effectiveness Report and a Strategic Analysis that identifies areas in which your program is excelling as well as opportunities for improvement.


Joanna ContiAs her daughter cycled in and out of multiple alcoholism treatment programs, Joanna Conti became very frustrated by the lack of success rate data available to help families identify the best facilities. A serial entrepreneur who had previously started software and consulting companies as well as an international nonprofit, Conti launched Vista Research Group in August 2016 to help treatment programs cost-effectively determine their success rates. Shortly thereafter, the company expanded into also providing real-time in-treatment patient monitoring requiring only a minimal amount of staff oversight.  



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