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We provide strategic solutions for two of these key drivers: People and Processes. With focus on maximizing your most important asset – people, we develop customized solutions based on your company’s needs and budget.

Our services include:
  • Our HR and Legal expertise will ensure that your company mitigates risk by developing policies, strategies, and training initiatives specific to your medical spa’s needs.
  • We will help you develop recruiting and retention strategies to attract and retain the best talent that fits into your company culture.
  • We help your HR Function become a profit center. One Source provides HR Needs Assessments to review all processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and identify best practices to ensure that your employee productivity is maximized.
  • We’ll review your climate and culture to ensure that we’re only providing solutions that are relevant to your needs.

Our experienced consultants and trainers bring a unique approach and expertise that’s tailored to your medical spa’s goals. In addition, we offer follow-up consulting to ensure that important training applications are being integrated into your leadership team’s daily routine. With backgrounds in leading Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and everything in between, our team will ensure you receive maximum value by providing a balanced operational and HR perspective that focuses on your company’s people strategies and needs. Our clients are based throughout the US, from Florida to California, so our solutions are specific to your requirements.

  • One Year of HR Help Desk Access
  • Access for each BHAP member to an HR Professional for consulting advice on various HR issues that impact your business.
  • Receipt of our comprehensive monthly HR Newsletter for 12 months.
  • Receipt of e-alerts and articles relevant to your business.
  • HR Compliance Library
  • Access to HR Library for general templates on HR and Legal Forms (i.e. New Hire Checklists, Employment Applications, Job Descriptions, Performance Improvement Plans, Performance Appraisals, Separation Agreements, General Release, etc.)
  • Quarterly HR and Leadership Webinars
  • Free access to attend informative HR, Leadership, Legal and Operationally-focused Webinars.
  • Discounting on more in-depth HR Consulting Services.

All BHAP members will receive 25% discounting on One Source Consulting Services which include, but are not limited to: Employee Handbook design and review, HR Audit/Needs Assessment, Customized HR and Leadership Training, Executive and Management Consulting, Developing Recruiting Strategies, Comprehensive Compensation Plan Design, Performance Management Process Build-out, and more.

Whether your company is just getting started and needs HR fundamentals, or you have an established company in need of high-level people strategies, One Source is your solution.

Visit One Source at OneSourceHRRisk.com

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Behavioral Health Association of Providers
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